More That Just Brushes


A customer approached Maryland brush with concerns of the galvanized coil surface finish quality. It was reported that brushes were not lasting as long as expected and bare spots were reported on the final coil.

Discovery Stage

Maryland Brush scheduled a virtual meeting with the customer to dig deeper into the issues mentioned. After discovering all concerns reviewing all of the engineering line and piping diagrams a site visit was scheduled.

Engineering Survey

During the site visit an “Engineering Survey” was performed. This Survey consists of an in depth investigation, Line review, and all consumable expense analysis. This visit took approximately 6 – 8 hours and multiple samples were taken for further analysis Ie. Caustic solution, Used sand from filter, & Current brush filament.

Review and Plan Stage

After a few days of refining the data Maryland brush prepared a detailed document on the findings from the customers facility. This document is a custom tailored road map covering all aspects of the galvanizing line and explaining why each portion is important. Recommendations were made to upgrade the filtration system and flow rates as a concerning amount of suspended solids were found in the solution. Furthermore, line modifications were requested. At the end of the document there is an extensive Return on investment showing a dollar figure the mill will save if the suggestions are followed. 

Implementation Stage

Maryland brush is customer centric and was always available to assist in coordinating changes within the mill as well as preform an additional on site visit to ensure the implementation is done properly.

On-Going Audit

Finally, after successful implementation of the changes outlined in the engineering survey and the line had been running it was time for a final inspection and “On-going Audit” this stage is important to ensure that the expected results are being achieved and maintained. Coating quality had vastly improved and production yield was up. Maryland brush has scheduled routine check up visits for to ensure that the line is always running as effectively as possible. The customer requested the same process with another line in the same facility!


Maryland brush understands that it is not just about the brush but more the system as a whole and without all the proper pieces it will never achieve its maximum potential.