Delivering Innovative Engineered Solutions for all Your Cleaning System Requirements

Brush Roll Applications

The Maryland Brush Company provides custom engineered wide face brushes and related products and services for surface cleaning, conditioning, and finishing to the metallurgically diverse metals market including ferrous and non-ferrous mills.

Maryland Brush Company offers various related services, equipment and machinery systems incorporating the latest technology. We offer onsite engineering services that complement the brush and equipment products provided to the wide face industry.

Why Choose Us?

  • -Our brushes incorporate a metal (of your choice) overlapping a high strength retaining wire that locks the fill material securely in place.
  • -We can customize size, construction, and material with over 200 varieties of filament selection for any cleaning or polishing objective.
  • -Our brushes have the highest density available in the industry.
  • -Highest rate of heat dissipation to prolong filament service life.
  • -We accommodates brush speeds up to 6,000 surface feet per minute and brush diameters from 6-16″ and a brush length of up to 200″.
  • -Accommodates mandrel diameters of two and one-half inches or larger and hexagonal, round, or square arbor hole designs.

Maryland Brush Company Custom Manufacturing

Maryland Brush Company offers extensive engineering, design as well as manufacturing support services. Our wide face industry customers benefit from our wealth of knowledge and experience in the design and development of brush mandrels, related tooling and components, and operating manufacturing systems.

Maryland Brush Company Roll Cleaning Assembly

Maryland Brush Company offers a custom block brush made with a UHMW plastic material with your choice of filaments both abrasive and non-abrasive for the cleaning of rolls in ferrous and non-ferrous coating and rolling mills.  These brushes are designed to oscillate back and forth over the entire roll face to remove any contaminants.

Wide Faced Brush Options

Choose Brush Construction

Maryland Brush offers two types of brush construction, helically wound or high density.  High density strips, while more expensive, offer 35 to 40% more brush roll filament, per square inch of brush face than helically wound brushes and are perfectly balanced.

Choose Brush Roll

There are three types of cans, strip cans, Perforated Cans and Solid Wall Cans 


Can Brushings

There are two types of can brushings, double keyway or hex. A hex brush roll shaft is strongly recommended.  It is superior over double keyway brushes and provides a 6-sided positive drive system and provides continuing maintenance of balance.

Choose Filament Material

  • Abrasive Nylon: Abrasive Nylon is most commonly seen in finishing mills and utilized to removed large amounts of soils and solids. Abrasive Nylon can come in a variety of grit sizes, diameters, and filled with materials such as Silicon Carbide and Aluminum Oxide.
  • Hard Drawn: The most basic and affordable steel wire available. Not for extreme temperature, high-stress, high-impact or critical applications
  • Stainless Steel: Highly corrosion-resistant material used where contamination or rust can be harmful. Suitable for other stainless steel or aluminum products, or in high-humidity conditions
  • Oil Tempered: The wire is heated to extreme heats to strengthen it without making it brittle. It is no recommended for extreme temperatures or high-impact or shock loads
  • Brass Coated: Brass coated steel wire for high performance and flexibility. Rust-proof and ideal for rust, paint, and scale removal.
  • Galvanized Steel:  features durable steel construction and is designed to wrap around and stay in place.  Highest grade of corrosion resistance.
  • Phosphor-Bronze: Bronze wire is harder and stiffer than brass due to the addition of tin to the copper. Suitable for cleaning metal parts. 
  • Brass:The softest metal fiber available, used for light to medium cleaning. Brass will not scratch harder metals or create sparks. 
  • Polyethylene:Very strong, durable & impact resistant material, known for its large strength-to-density ratio.
  • Polyvinylchloride: Vinyl is versatile, it can be rigid, pliable as plastic wrap, or thin, clear or colored.
  • Polyethylene:Very strong, durable & impact resistant material, known for its large strength-to-density ratio, corrosion resistant, can withstand high temperatures, and easily recyclable
  • Polyester:This material is less stiff than polypropylene and nylon and offers a lower water absorption rate.
  • Fiberglass-Ultra/Fil: This material is extremely tough, impact & shock resistant, heat resistant (147°C) and strong.